The Plumber: 3 Things Everyone Should Know


Hiring a plumber usually means something has gone wrong. Because this is so often the case, many homeowners tend to panic, call the first guy they see in the phone book, and pay whatever fee he asks for whatever mediocre service he might be able to provide. This is no way to go about hiring a professional. While there are probably more good apples than bad in the bunch, that still doesn’t mean you won’t get pinched if you don’t hire carefully. Since few homeowners worry much about such an occurrence until the situation is upon them, take a few moments and educate yourself about the three things everyone should know about hiring a plumbing professional.What You Will PayThis is probably the most important thing for you to know, especially if you have anything resembling a budget. Too many homeowners have called a plumber, figured the dollar amount would be in a reasonable range, and then been blown away by sticker shock when the bill is handed over. Don’t let this happen to you. Understand exactly how much the professional will charge just for coming out to your house. Get an estimate before the work begins. Get these things in writing so that there is no way you will be shocked when you are delivered the final bill.Emergency ServicesThis is where some forethought comes in handy. A good plumber who will come out to your house in the middle of the night is a very good man to know. If you’re like most homeowners, you have a list of important phone numbers logged into your phone or written down somewhere convenient. This list might include the police department, poison control, and other numbers you might need in an instant. Find a good emergency plumber and add his number to the list. If your washer starts spraying foam all over the house at midnight, you will be glad you made this kind of preparation.Ask For Phone HelpMany a plumbing issue can be solved with just a hint of expert advice. A good plumber will not be stingy with this advice, if it is simple to convey. Now that doesn’t mean they are going to stay on the phone with you and take you step by step through the process of replacing your toilet. But if the answer to a problem is as simple as hitting a reset switch, they should be more than happy to help you out and avoid needing to charge you for an expensive service call. If you find a company that is willing to offer you a little free advice in exchange for goodwill, you should probably file their name away and call them first when you have a problem that will require a home visit.

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