STNA Salary: Wages, Benefits, and Reasons


The job of a State Tested Nursing Assistant is by no means a simple one. Most would find it to be rather strenuous and perhaps even a discomforting one at times. Still, wage while not gratuitous or very profuse, is nonetheless recognizable. Benefits included, the pay for being an assistant is fair especially for one who is using the career as a form of clinical experience before continuing their medical training. All in all, pay appears to be decent for an entry level medical position. The median pay of most assistants lies around the dollar amount of approximately $25,000 per year. The hourly pay scale for a beginning assistant would probably exist at somewhere around $10.00 an hour. To increase this dollar amount, education and of course experience are essential. Those who have excess experience or notable experience are most likely to receive a higher wage as opposed to those who are not. Location may also be significant in altering one’s pay amount. For example, those taking residence in states such as California or larger cities like Baltimore are projected to receive a higher income contrasting those in smaller states and less urban areas. Probably one of the generally more benevolent and giving characteristics of a State Tested Nursing Assistant career is that of benefits and all the positives to be garnered from that basis and area. Though bonuses tend to be somewhat miniscule, other sections of benefits can prove to be rather large and for that matter, giving. Social security, 401K, and vacation pay are but three of the significant advantages that are disclosed as benefits. Other forms of insurance such as disability and notably a somewhat large healthcare addition can prove to be substantial. A pension plan is included as well for retirement. Collectively, these can amount to a significant digit of monetary value and are worth taking into consideration before rejecting the opportunities of an STNA simply due to a lack of prevalent wage. Adding all benefits to one’s base salary, a median of almost $40,000 can be obtained. It is important to note that a career as a State Tested Nursing Assistant can be very fulfilling as a lifetime vocation or even as a temporary vocation for those looking into becoming a higher level of medical staff, such as a registered nurse. Most assistants are not patronized in their field and are, in fact, seen as a crucial member of the hospital element and inner workings. Most of all, more than simple wage and pay, opportunities and new pathways can be repayment for the very difficult work many nursing assistants do. It is also important to accentuate the level of stability and guaranteed work for those who are willing to work proficiently and effectively. As unemployment levels rise, nursing assistant areas remain open and very ready for the best candidates. If indeed an individual characterized by diligence, integrity, determination, and the simple want and desire to aid the sick, weak, or harmed, the career choice of a State Tested Nursing Assistant might very well be the perfect and most fitting career opportunity.Source: Free Articles from

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