An Introduction to Recruiting Software

A major function of recruiting software programs is that they can make use of the employment part of a company’s website. The software can make a list of jobs available with the company. Web surfers can click on jobs they are interested in and immediately be taken to a description of the job. The software can also be used to create electronic applications that can be completed and submitted on the Internet.

Another function of recruiting software is to keep track of any company responses to the applicants. The software allows users to create custom letters acknowledging that the company received the applicant’s resume, interview requests and appointment reminders, among others.

Recruiting software is perfect for creating an applicant database.  This function lets users keep track of the people who have applied for positions within the company. The database stores information on people who have completed an application or submitted a resume. Many programs assign ID numbers to applicants, making it easier to keep track of the applicants. The software can also be used to check if an applicant has previously applied to work for the company. Recruiting software applicant databases are also able to keep track of what sources the applicants came from, allowing the company to see how its various recruitment tools are working. This lets the company know if newspaper ads, websites, employment agencies, or other sources are supplying a stream of qualified applicants.   

Recruiting software can be expensive and complicated, but it usually saves company money in the long runScience Articles, and the organizational aspects of the software make hiring new employees much easier.

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